Her Name Was (Life)

from by Our Solace



A nameless face in the crowd
A girl with dreams so high
Looking down at the street
The wind beneath her feet

Oh how I see, the beauty kept hidden away
As the rest of the world
runs against her
Like the fiercest river.

And still she stands,
Against the waves.
With head hung low
No name or place,
to call her own.

The crowd forms, a thousand voices talk back at me
"Where did she go?"
"She was here just moments ago"

"What did she say?"
"What was her name?"

She closes her eyes
As I race up the stairs
I hear her scream to the sky

"Nothing left for me here
No one to hear my voice
In this world
I've lost my place
Nothing but a nameless face"

That familiar feeling
Of floating away
The last shackle is released
Before a sharp snatch
Pulls her back
To me and I scream

"Don't leave this place
Don't give in
Be the weight that parts the waters."

"Don't leave this place
Don't give in"
She smiles and turns to me and says

"Open your eyes young man
I'm already gone
You came here just too late
You never took hold of my arm"

A bright lights stings me
As my eyes adjust
My hand remains out stretched
But in them I hold nothing but dust

I fall to my knees
My soul torn in two
There was nothing
That I thought
She couldn't pull through

But now she's gone
But now she's gone
Her name was
Her name was

Her name was life.


from Death And What It Means To Live, released March 20, 2014



all rights reserved