These Days It's a Different Story - Video Version

by Our Solace

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released April 25, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Our Solace.

Recorded & Mixed in Melbourne By Tim & Daniel Emond.

Mastered in New York by John Naclerio.

Guest Vocals by Logan Fewster of The Broderick.



all rights reserved
Track Name: These Days It's a Different Story
Time erased...
Time erased us
Time erased me

You said; the waves they melt the hours
When this town is past dead
The ashes of you and the brashness of youth
Time erased all that we shared

Do you feel lost?
After all this growing up
Did we change for the better?
My friends...
Or did we just give up?
This cursed town will bury us all.

Watch… just watch me…
Spit blood on the streets
This cursed town will bury me

Encase me, your tragedy in my bones
You speak the words that keep me low
Erase me, let the bitterness grow
This spiteful world will swallow me whole

The ashes of you
The brashness of youth
The ashes of you
And bitterness
A spiteful world will bury me